Sylvie Brenet, producer at Play Film

More than forty years have passed since the Algerian war. The film plunges us into the daily life of a former “Special Administrative Section” of the French army, a former place of pacification where interrogations and torture took place. Today, yesterday’s enemies live together as best they can: Djouhour, wife of a martyr, Rabah, son of a harki and Hadj Tahar, former combatant and new refugee fleeing terrorism and the civil war of the 90s. Far from heroism or repentance, these villagers, forgotten by official history, simply tell us their stories. Young and old cross paths in the muddy square, where the “French” tap that brings in water works at random. The past weighs heavily on everyone and the present bears little resemblance to the dream of independence.

un film deNadia Bouferkas et Mehmet ArikancoproductionPlay Film, Images Plus, Tribu Association, Cirta Filmsavec la participation deCNC, CRRAV, FASILD, Procirep, Scam - Brouillon d'un rêveannée2007durée72'