Sylvie Brenet, producer at Les Films d’Ici

International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes FIPA 2010

Peter Eötvös’ contemporary opera Lady Sarashina recounts the life and torments of a scholar at the dawn of the 11th century in a Japan that was both feudal and highly refined. This plunge into Japanese poetry, in which the Hungarian composer reunites with the choreographer and theatre-maker Ushio Amagatsu, gives us food for thought about the tragic destiny of this woman who moves us with her modernity.

un film deJudit Kele, d'après l'opéra "Lady Sarashina" de Peter EotvoscoproductionLesFilmsd'Ici, Mezzo, l'Opéra de Lyon, l'Opéra Comique, Lyon TVavec la participation deProcirep-Angoa, Sacem, Fondation du Japonannée2010durée52'