Seven-year-old Katrina sets off on a long journey to visit her mother, a former political activist who is now in prison. Katrina is only allowed to see her nine days a year.

Anatoly Gorlov, father of seven, must look after his large family while trying to save his wife, a housewife accused of treason after telephoning the Ukrainian embassy during the confrontation between the two countries.

Five-year-old Ikhsan goes to court to see his father, an activist who railed against the rewriting of history orchestrated by the authorities in post-war Chechnya. He was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison on trumped-up drug-trafficking charges.

Four-year-old Vassilia and eight-year-old Anton are about to realize from reading his letters that their father Gennady is going to prison for a long time for sending his CV abroad.

Oskar Krause, 82, nicknamed Karik, has spent years preserving the memory of his father and mother, both sent to Soviet camps in the 1940s.

With the support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Freedom Foundation

Best first Film – DocuTIFF Tirana 2017 (Albania)
Compétition Officielle – IDFA 2016
Selection Artdocufest Festival 2016 (Russia)
Selection Tempo Film Festival 2017 (Sweden)
Selection Iran International Documentary Film Festival “Cinéma Verité” 2017

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