Bruno Canard’s fundamental research laboratory in Marseille is one of the most advanced in the field of RNA viruses. Yet for years it has been in a disconcertingly fragile state. And it’s far from the only one: virtually all basic research is in this state.
Uncertain, unprofitable, but promising emotions on a par with major discoveries, it still inspires young people to dream.

By taking a few slices of life from the lab to the microscope, the film reveals the flaws in a world that now depends almost entirely on passion and a deep sense of social usefulness, despite everything.

un film deJacquie Chavance et Sophie BensadounproductionLes Films du SillagecoproductionGalaxie Presseavec la participation deRégion Sud, CNC COSIP, Procirep-AngoadistributionFrance 3 PACAannée2025durée52'