FIPADOC 2022 International Pitch Selection

DISOBEDIENCE is a crime drama focusing on Erika Lederer, the daughter of a Nazi obstetrician who, in the 1970s, took part in the “death flights” in which political opponents held in concentration camps in Argentina were thrown alive into the ocean.

When the murderers are brought to justice in 2017, Erika forms a group with other children of war criminals to take a stand against their parents and reveal the true extent of their crimes. Despite rejection from her own family and threats from her father’s former colleagues, she struggles to keep other murderers like her father off the streets.

During Argentina’s “dirty war” between 1976 and 1983, some 30,000 people were interrogated, tortured and killed by the military in one of the country’s 300 illegal and secret detention centers. Trials for crimes against humanity began in 1985 and continue to this day. But this is the first time in the country’s history that the voices of the children of war criminals have been made public.

The film tells an untold crime story from the point of view of the children of war criminals, and sheds light on how the brutal legacy of the darkest period in German history has survived in Argentina.

un film deRodrigo Vazquez