Sylvie Brenet, producer at Elzévir et Compagnie

To be a woman without being a mother.
Being a woman and choosing not to be a mother.
In just a few years, the way childless women are viewed has changed. From being women to be pitied, they have almost become suspect. But suspect of what? Of not having children?
These women’s choices call into question motherhood and the prejudices surrounding it. They have chosen not to have children. Are they less of a woman because they’re not mothers?
Colombe Schneck examined these prejudices by following the lives of three women living in three different countries. Three countries (France, Germany and Israel), three social perspectives on these childless women, to reveal the way in which these women who have taken the liberty of living according to a different pattern live and are perceived.
The film reveals three women who first chose to be free women.

un film deColombe SchneckcoproductionElzévir et Cie, Elzévir Films, Arte Franceannée2014durée50'