Sylvie Brenet, producer at Elzévir et Compagnie

Pierrette and Thorsten, aged 78 and 84, met in 2011 in a queue at a dry cleaners. They married two years later, and on June 18, as they have every summer since they met, they set off by car for Sweden, to celebrate summer and their love, at their lakeside home, joined by their children and grandchildren.
She was divorced from a man who never loved her; he was widowed from a woman he adored. They have found each other, sharing everything – their bodies, their pasts, their children and grandchildren – except their future. They both know that their lives are over.

un film deColombe SchneckcoproductionElzévir et Cie, Elzévir Films, Arte Franceavec la participation deCNC, Procirep-Angoaannée2016durée52'