Collection of three films about borders

India and Bangladesh are separated by the longest border wall in the World: 3,200 km of bricks and barbed wire. On one side, the Bangladeshis, who seek refuge in India as cyclones and rising waters submerge their land and reduce them to poverty. On the other, the Indians, who were once welcoming, but now want to put a stop to this immigration.

Our common thread will be this long frontier, as told by characters who live with it in their daily lives, or who have crossed it in the hope of building a future for themselves. We’ll be meeting Bangladeshis from flood zones, who are preparing to leave for India, and those who cross the border illegally every day to sell a few products on the other side.

We will also meet the inhabitants of Indian villages cut in two by this border wall. Indians who have remembered the recurrent speeches of their Prime Minister Modi, justifying the wall as a means of protecting themselves from Bangladesh, a country of “terrorists and illiterates” in his own words. Hindu India facing Muslim Bangladesh?