The Islamic State is reaching the end of its territorial existence. The last days of the self-proclaimed caliphate are being played out in eastern Syria, the third of the country controlled by the Kurdish administration, which is recognized by no one.

The film invites us to meet the men and women who tell the story of this epilogue. Samira and Hafida, Belgian and Dutch jihadists who live in the Roj camp, a miniature caliphate where 500 foreign families have gathered while waiting for their countries to decide their fate. Bahoz and Simco, commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish and Arab alliance, who have been in every battle against the Islamic State organization.

On the Baghouz front, the last jihadist stronghold on the borders of Syria and Iraq, they are leading the final battle alongside the coalition forces that will soon be leaving. Jamal Abed Sabagh, an Arab fighter who survived the massacre of his tribe by the Islamic State. Mahmoud Kero, a Kurdish civil servant with the impossible task of managing the camps where tens of thousands of jihadists, wounded civilians and exhausted children have been pouring in for weeks. Their words reveal the extent of the wounds left by five years of jihadist rule, and the consequences to come.

un film deGwendoline Debono et Laurent Van der StocktproductionLes Films du Sillage coproductionArte Reportage - Upfrontannée2019durée24'